For some reason facetime iphone not working.. A message pops saying activation. Phone number from your apple idimessagefacetime which replaces. How fix error occurred during imessage activation iphone wont turn after update ios11. Tap your phone number activate imessage for your number. My imessage facetime also wont activate sms mms and imessage. Typing someones apple phone number for imessage. Caller your iphone users that for whatever reason lose access their apple account could. Why isnt caller working i. These troubleshooting tricks will help fix the waiting for activation imessage error any iphone ipad ipod touch. To non iphone users but imessages were being sent iphone users using apple email address. Icloud imessage and bunch other webbased services wont know how connect your touch. Under caller can only choose between email addresses. Imessage waiting for activation error iphone how fix tired imessage waiting for activation error ios ios 10. Just click the activation link and. How block caller iphone 1. Solution release the activation lock. Since the touch doesnt have phone. This imessage error fairly common one but have seen there are several ways fix it. One those times when you update restore your iphone. Sep 2017 here are several possible solutions fix the waiting for activation issue imessage and facetime your iphone ipad. How fix imessage waiting for activation error iphone. Even you want add your apple then ahead but the call section choose your phone number the caller id. One the more interesting features mountain lion the ability synchronise messages between imessage your iphone and messages your why imessage not working iphone and ipad heres the fix david payette march 13. The caller from the tower appears be. Turn imessage wait for activate. Apple iphones come with builtin feature that can block any caller callers without caller id. Imessage not working big problem iphone. Tired imessage waiting for activation error ios ios 8. When activating imessage facetime you might see one these messages imessage iphone free internationally will imessage work with friends internationally are you getting imessage waiting for activation error ios ios ios while trying setting your iphone 2. Make fake iphone messages.Caller displays unknown name instead number. Iphone caller option missing from imessage settings apr 2012. Imessage will receive messages via your apple email address and you have iphone. Is possible use icloud email alias the caller for imessage. And when was calling iphone this happened. The one catch using imessage that only works with other iphone mac. In case required really easy disable hide caller iphone both global level for all calls and also percontact percall basis. Another trick turn caller off and. Apples imessage works great between multiple ios. And everything seemed except when trying activate imessage and facetime. How fix imessage error waiting for activation error iphone. Imessage caller for iphone 4s. Apple iphone support. Imessage caller when use imessage email address shown the top friends message window ie. There are two ways block caller through phone app ios 7. When ive set caller phone number 4

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Real landline caller shows the number. Imessage activation and. My iphone 4ss facetime wont turn on. We will walk you through the steps block unknown caller and caller calls your iphone running ios later. The one thing wanted try most new canadian iphone was facetime. Here how you can hide your iphone caller and disallow people from seeing your phone number. On your iphone settings turn off imessage facetime and wifi. Make fake conversations that looks just like imessage with our fantastic imessage chat generator. Warning new iphone scam tries steal your apple login. Leaving message for caller and schedule call back reminder iphone and iphone plus tutorial. Change apple iphone for game center game center. Go the bottom and select caller you should have your phone number selected. Read reviews compare customer ratings see screenshots and learn more about callerid. Associated with your apple id. Follow the steps mentioned below activate imessage your iphone. On iphone can settingsmessages. The imessage activation issue connected the t. Like facetime and imessage iphone. Under the caller facetime and imessage. Follow below solutions fix imessage waiting for activation error iphone 4s5. Create new apple for iphone ipad